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csCreate Professional

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Description of csCreate Professional
Free unlimited technical support, we are available over 18 hours each day 7 days a week. Professional installation is also available.

csCreate Pro offers team web site management capabilities. A single administrator sets up an unlimited amount of users. This allows you to setup different users for each area of your web site. The administrator also determines what pages can be edited by each user. The users cannot modify pages that have not been assigned to them. The system can also be used by one person, the admin has full access to all files as a super user. All the power of this awesome application can be used by one or thousands of users.

All the web page editing is done using only the web browser. Using our exclusive WYSIWYG HTML Editor, your users can modify their pages in true WYSIWYG mode! No other web page publishing application can say that. You simple have to try the demo and see for yourself!


Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login Screen | Admin Screen | Add User | Manage Files | Text Editor | Exclusive WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility
  • Use our very powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
  • Forcode changes use our text based ASCII editor.
  • Central management screen is password protected.
  • Create an unlimited amount of users.
  • Assign specific web pages to the users.
  • Users cannot edit files they have not been assigned.
  • Users have their own usernames/passwords.
  • Easily change the usernames/passwords.
  • Limit pages to be edited per user.
  • Easily add or remove users.
  • Allow multiple users to edit the same pages, if required.
  • Easy web based administration -all management is done through your browser.
  • Save time by testing the HTML pages from the management page.
  • Use on one or every page in your site, no limitations.
  • Page editing requires no knowledge of FTP.
  • Central management password required to gain access at admin level.
  • Easy to modify template files.
  • Entire script is template driven -easily change the look and feel using your favorite web site editor.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Unix based servers.
  • Create feature adds all basic HTML data to the file by default.
    (Head tags, title Tags, METADATA, etc.)
  • Easy to use web based management system.
  • Files are listed in one location for easy retrieval.
  • Administrator can easily add and remove files that can be edited using this system.
Uses for csCreate Pro

The strength of the scriptis the ability to allow multiple users to manage one web site. You can have each person edit one page. Let the news guys add news items. Let the scheduling staff add items to the calendar. Each area of your site can be managed by one or more users.

How many times have you uploaded the latest web pages to your site only to discover a typo? Maybe you forgot to add a last minutesentence. It was simple redundant changes like these that drove us to develop an easy to use web application that lets users make the changes to their websites on the server.

  • Perl 5.005 or higher.
  • A Web Server.
  • CGI Access.
  • The ability to write to your server directories.
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ is required to use the WYSIWYG Editor (will not work in Netscape or on a MAC).

Installation Instructions: Including basic installation instructions, typical script use instructions, template editing and advanced settings adjustment (see the script README file shipped with the ZIP file).

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