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csGuest - Only $49

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Description of csGuest Powered by: PERL
View DemoFree unlimited technical support, we are available over 18 hours each day 7 days a week. Professional installation is also available.

csGuest is an automated application that allows the user to manage one or more guestbooks from one location. You can add as many guestbooks as you would like. Many sites use a guestbook to get comments about their web site. This guestbook can double as a single thread forum as well.

csGuest is not an upgrade of csGuestbook. It is a total rewrite and change in programming philosophy. However, we will honor current csGuestbook owners by allowing you to upgrade to the new version for only $20.

Management Demo (demo is username and password)

This script can be used as a stand-alone application or a csPublisher PLUG IN. Read more about this here.

Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login | Management | Links Wizard | Public View | Add/Edit Guestbook | Add/Edit Submission

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Requires no knowledge of FTP or HTML.
  • Manage all your web site guestbooks from one location.
  • Utilize up to 10 custom fields for user submission.
  • Specify any/all of the fields as required.
  • Specify any/all of the fields as hidden, not visible to public.
    • When Hidden is selected, the fields are marked as (hidden from public) on the submission form.
  • IP tracking and IP blocking
  • Easy to use management screen.
  • Include code added to management page for easy reference.
  • No limit to the number of guestbooks that can be created.
  • Add, modify, delete and even view your guestbooks from one easy to understand management screen.
  • Option to automatically purge guestbook entries after so many days.
  • Option to Approve messages before they are posted to the guestbook.
  • Send an auto-response to each user that posts submission.
  • Specify the text you want to add to auto-response.
  • Include users post in auto-response, if you wish.
  • Email notification of new entries.
  • Add/Modify/Delete Guestbook entries.
  • Bad word filter.
  • May allow HTML use within messages.
  • May disable icons and/or message smilies for each guestbook.
  • Specify character limit in messages.
  • Select desired date format and date delimiter:
    • Date Format: MM-DD-YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY
    • Date Delimiter: Hyphen: MM-DD-YYYY or Slash: MM/DD/YYYY or Decimal: MM.DD.YYYY
  • Specify display order:
    • Entry Order Newest entries first. or Newest entries last.
  • Specify number of entries to view per page, rest of the entries will span multiple pages.
  • Notify administrator of submission via email. Posted message will appear in modification.
  • Template for each guestbook, easily change the look and feel.
  • Template driven that makes it easier than ever to incorporate a guestbook into your website site.
  • Password protected Central Administration done through the web browser.

Uses for csGuest
  • Have a place where your visitors can say HI !
  • Have an area where users can give their opinion about your web site.
  • In the support area of your web site, use it to let users post issues.
  • Anywhere you want public view of visitor comments this script is ideal.
  • Even use the script as a single-thread forum.
  • Perl 5+
  • A Web Server
  • If your server meets the above requirements, then it is compatible with the following operating systems:
    • UNIX
    • Linux
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows Servers

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