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csFind-N-Replace Version 2 - Only $39

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Description of csFind-N-Replace

csFind-N-Replace is an easy to use global file editing tool.

Does your website require constant file replacement?For example, do you have aCopyright footer that needs to be replaced in each one of your hundreds of pages every year?Its possible to go into each page and make every replacement manually OR you could use csFind-N-Replace and edit all the pages at one time! It even searches subdirectories!

csFindnReplace willedit one or all the files on your server at one time. You specify the text tofind and the textto replace the original text with. After execution, csFindnReplace will open up each file on your server andsearch for the original text block and its location. Finally it willreplace it with the specified text. The files are resaved and a report showing all occurrences is presented.

csFindnReplace also offers atest mode that allows you toidentify how many occurrences there may be. After looking over the results you can make a better decision about your proposed change.Additionally it canset the script to create backups of each file that it edits.

This script can be used as a stand-alone application or a csPublisher PLUG IN. Read more about this here.

Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login | Main Management Page | View the Change Report

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility
  • Intuitive User Interface - The user interface is easy to learn -users are up and running in minutes.
  • Automatically make backups of each file that is edited.
  • Run in "Test Mode" to view occurrences prior to execution.
  • Specify the file extensions you wish to edit. The script will search only files matching those extensions.
  • Choose whetherornotto search subdirectories.
  • Easily select working directory using an easy to understand directory navigation tool.
  • Use the same directory navigation tool to "View the Source" of the files you wish to edit prior to executing the command.
  • Full Access to Source Code - You're in charge with csFind-N-Replace. Written in Perl with the source code clearly defined, it's the ultimate flexible tool. You'll be able to modify the program to do exactly what you need.
  • Central management password required to gain access.
  • Save time and work by easily maintaining your website while still on server.
    • FTP no longer required to manage your calendar.
    • No more managing multiple html files.
  • Entire script is template driven, easily change the complete look and feel using your favorite web site editor.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Advanced users can take advantage of the powerful "Regular Expressions" option. This allows you to type regular expressions into the search and replace fields. This makes the script very powerful.
Uses for csFind-N-Replace
  • Globally edit all pages on server at one time.
  • Make routine changes to pages with ease.
  • Keep from having to FTP files from and to server for each change.
  • Save timeby no longeropening and editingeach file with your HTML editor.
  • Change files of any type (ASCII) -such as HTML, CFM, ASP, PHP, TXT, DAT, CGI, PL, etc.
  • Perl 5.005 or higher.
  • A Web Server - Works on UNIX, Linux, and Windows Servers!
  • CGI Access.
  • The ability to write to your server directories.

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