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csSearch Professional

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Description of csSearch Professional
csSearch ProfessionalFree unlimited technical support, we are available over 18 hours each day 7 days a week. Professional installation is also available. Download this FREE script today! csSearch is an automated website search script. Features: Advanced Control Panel to specify files and directories to skip or ignore; Optional setting to have engine search through Server Side Includes; Search is keyed off both the body of the document and the meta tags; Simple to use interface; Choose from 3 unique style settings; and Easy to modify template pages used throughout.

Search results page formatting, pagination (display results across multiple pages), enhanced include/exclude file extensions feature, the ability to mass skip/delete files and directories, JS includes of search form, and much more efficient searching making it over 100 times faster than earlier versions.

Management Demo (username and password = demo)


Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login | Automated Setup | Management | Advanced Settings

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility

We have combined all the features that you loved about the first freeware release of csSearch and added more functionality:

  • Requires no knowledge of FTP or HTML.
  • Advanced Control Panel allows to specify files and directories to skip or ignore.
  • Ability to select from 3 different style settings.
  • Optional setting to have engine parse Server Side Includes.
  • Search is keyed off both the body of the document and the meta tags.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Search results page formatting.
  • Enhanced include/exclude file extensions feature.
  • Ability to mass skip/delete files and directories.
  • JS includes of search form, much more efficient searching making it over 100 times faster than before!
  • Central management password required to gain access.
  • Easy to modify template files.
  • Entire script is template driven, easily change the complete look and feel using your favorite web site editor.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Unix based servers.
  • Include or Exclude different files based on their extension.
  • An easy to use web based management screen (see screenshot)
  • Now with a fully automated installation feature! (see screenshot)
  • We added full page indexing for faster searches. A must for large websites.
  • Can be installed on Unix based web servers as well as NT !
  • Improved ability to parse your web pages that contain server side includes.
  • Modify the font, color, and size of the text in the search results.
  • The ability to use a custom templates for displaying search results.
  • Add a search field to any or all pages in your website. Server Side Includes (SSI) are not required.
  • Using the new functionality we added to this script you can even have your affiliate sites remotely search your web site.
  • All of this and the excellent customer service you have come to expect from CGI Script.net for only 25 bucks!
  • Can't afford the 25 bucks at this point, try out the updated freeware version for a while. Upgrade at any time.
Uses for csSearch Professional
  • A fast web site search script.
  • Install multiple times to search different areas of your site.
  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • A Web Server (UNIX, Linux, or Windows)
  • CGI Access
  • The ability to write to your server directories

Note: Email this article feature is only available on UNIX based servers.

Installation Instructions: Including basic installation instructions, typical script use instructions, template editing and advanced settings adjustment (see the script README file shipped with the ZIP file).

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