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csFormBuilder - $49

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Description Powered by: PERL
csFormbuilder is an extremely powerful and totally automated application that enables the user to build and manage multiple mailto forms and easily add them to any web site. No programming knowledge is required. You can build an unlimited number of forms. Multi-page form capability. Image upload and file transfers. Select from a handful of predefined templates or create a form from scratch. Powerful SPAM control mechanism can be added to each form. Don't get sucked in to paying monthly fees to have someone else process your forms for you. You can do it with ease!
Uses for csFormBuilder
  • The script's primary function is to centrally manage multiple forms of all types, such as:
    • Contact Forms
    • Feedback Forms
    • Customer Contact Information Forms
    • Survey Forms
    • Rating Forms
    • Attachment Forms (send/receive files)
    • Simple Order Forms (automated calculations)
    • Auto-response Forms
    • Multi-page Forms
    • Data Collection Forms
    • Department/Person Specific Notification Forms
    • And many more...

    Note: If you have existing forms we can convert them into the csFormBuilder system for a nominal fee. Contact us for more details.

Supported Form Fields
  • Standard Fields:
    • Text Field (regular or password)
    • Radio Button
    • Checkbox
    • Dropdown
    • TextArea
  • Special Fields (pre-formatted fields):
    • Calculated Field (calculates totals)
    • Date Picker (pop-up date picker script)
    • Email Address
    • File Upload Field
    • Hidden Field
    • Image Verification
    • Phone/Fax Number
    • Time
  • Miscellaneous Dropdowns (pre-formatted fields):
    • State (all states listed)
    • Country (all countries listed)
    • Prefix
    • Urgency
    • Priority
    • Shipping Methods
    • Response Required
    • Gender
    • Rating
  • Formatting:
    • Text/HTML (instructions, etc.)
    • Blank Line (add spaces between questions)
    • Horizontal Line
  • Optionally exclude certain result fields from being sent via e-mail
  • Require an Image Identification security mechanism to be completed to submit the form
  • Optionally prevent certain IP addresses or IP ranges from completing your form
  • Limit the number of submissions on a form for a single IP address or all IP addresses

  • Limit can be configured for total submissions or submissions per day.

Customizable Look and Feel
  • Customize return page after form completion - or redirect to an existing web page
  • Customizable Submit button text
  • With knowledge of HTML, you can add further customizations by adding HTML code to your form (or use the included HTML editor, listed below)
  • Customizable styles, specify text color, font, and background color
  • Custom Page Title (appears in the browsers Title Bar)
  • No restrictions on use of HTML code in form items
  • Powerful HTML editor included in all areas where applicable
  • You can control the symbol or text used to indicate mandatory fields
  • Questions can be positioned above, to the left, or to the right of the answer field (and changed any time)
  • Questions can be placed on the same line as other questions (and changed any time)
  • Questions can be reordered after they are created (and changed any time)
  • Optionally, an "OTHER" choice can be defined for radio button and check box question types (text field automatically added)
  • Easy to use intuitive form builder interface you have come to expect from CGISCRIPT.NET
  • Immediate update of form as it is created
  • Link individual forms together creating multi-page forms with ease
  • No limit to the number of pages (or forms that can be linked) a form can have
Results Features
  • Results optionally emailed immediately to one or more email addresses after the form is submitted
  • Results are stored in a database on the server
  • Results are downloadable in CSV (spreadsheet) format
  • Results can be easily imported into Excel
  • Easily clear the results as required
  • Result Time Stamp (date and time form submitted)
Email Features
  • Options to send either Text or HTML Email when form is submitted
  • Email results to one or more email addresses when a form is completed(as indicated above)
  • Optionally route the result email to different email addresses based on users' answers
  • Send an Auto-response to those completing your form. Data from form can be included in response
  • Perl 5+
  • A Web Server.
  • If your server meets the above requirements, then it is compatible with the following operating systems:
    • UNIX
    • Linux
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows Servers

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