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Description of csCreate
csCreateFree unlimited technical support, we are available over 18 hours each day 7 days a week. Professional installation is also available.

Edit and Manage web pages using your web browser! csCreate allows you to cruise your server directories and select files you want to edit. It also allows you to create new files on the fly. Directory creation is also possible for the users convenience.


Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login | Management | Add Item Screen

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility
  • Central Management Screen, password protected.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Test the HTML pages from the management page, saves you time.
  • Use on every page in your site, no limitation.
  • Requires no knowledge of FTP.
  • Central management password required to gain access.
  • Easy to modify template files.
  • Entire script is template driven, easily change the complete look and feel using your favorite web site editor.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Unix based servers.
  • Online ASCII editor to make it easy to modify your files.
  • Create feature adds all basic HTML data to the file by default.
    (Head tags, title Tags, METADATA, etc.)
  • Easy to use web based management system.
  • Files are listed in one location for easy retrieval.
  • Delete files from server or simply remove them from the csCreate™ list.
  • Check it out, what do you have to lose - IT IS FREE!
Uses for csCreate

I wish I had a dollar for every time I uploaded the latest web pages to my web site just to find out I misspelled something in the page title. Or forgot something simple on the page. Well, it was simple, redundant changes like this that drove us to develop a simple to use web application that lets users make changes to their web pages live on the server.

Now you can add that power to your site, for FREE!

  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • A Web Server
  • CGI Access
  • The ability to write to your server directories

Installation Instructions: Including basic installation instructions, typical script use instructions, template editing and advanced settings adjustment (see the script README file shipped with the ZIP file).

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