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Description of csFileShare
csFileShareWith file sizes increasing each day and internet service suppliers restricted the size of files that can be sent via email it is more and more necessary to have a central location to share your files. Even floppies, zip drives,and flash cardshave their limit -Who wants to lug them around anyway?

Throw all the floppies away, you will never use them again. Put all your files on your server and you can access them from any computer, anywhere in the world. You can create as many shared drives as you need. Each of them can contain multiple directories. This reduces the clutter on your server.

Try out the demo, you will love this script!


Use the links below to see screenshots of the different parts of the application.

Login | Index Screen | Management Screen | Add Drive Screen

Powerful Features -- Endless Flexibility
  • Requires no knowledge of FTP or HTML.
  • Has the ability to set up multiple shared drives. a
  • Has the ability to configure disk quotas on each shared drive.
  • Each drive can be configured to purge files after a specific number of days.
  • Ability to add multiple unique users or the entire system can be configured for anonymous access (no password).
  • Excellent for workgroups!
  • A must have for people who want to share files for business or between family and friends.
  • Password protected management for each category (optionally configured).
  • Central management password required to gain access.
  • Create an unlimited number of shared drives.
  • Add, modify, delete shared drives.
  • Easy to modify template files.
  • Entire script is template driven, easily change the complete look and feel using your favorite web site editor.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Unix based servers.
Uses for csFileShare
  • Share data anywhere in the world.
  • Share any files, any time, to anybody.
  • Setup your own MP3 sharing area.
  • Centrally locate files that are worked on by multiple employees.
  • Use the same files at home and at work without having to copy them to a disk.
  • Share files between branch offices of your company.
  • Categorize the files in their own shared drive to keep them organized.
  • Setup a shared drive to show files to each of your clients.
  • Never have to email files again! Simply send the link to the shared drive.
  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • A Web Server
  • CGI Access
  • The ability to write to your server directories

Installation Instructions: Including basic installation instructions, typical script use instructions, template editing and advanced settings adjustment (see the script README file shipped with the ZIP file).

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