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Hidden Popup Spawner
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Now you to can own the code that is used to power web sites that seem to open popup windows from nowhere! The primary reason we are giving this code away is that other companies are charging for such an easy piece of code.

The primary idea behind this script is to open a window off screen that opens a series of popup windows based a preset amount of time. This is all triggered using page open or page close codes. Many sites trigger this after people leave their site. Since there is a preset timer to open the first window it is not always know what site actually opened the window.

Test the script » HERE

If you need additional instructions, you can contact us for free support at our forum here. We will answer as any questions you may have. We can also install the script for you for a small fee.

Follow Steps 1 - 3 below. Use the 'Grab Text' buttons to select the code within the adjacent textarea. Then use Control-C or Edit -> Copy to buffer the text for pasting into your document.

Steps 1 and 2 are used to open the hidden popup window. Add the code from step one and 2 into the page of your site used to start the process, we call it the primary window (your index.htm page, for example).

Step 1: This code opens the hidden window that launches the popups. This code is placed between the and tags.

Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

Step 2: Add the following code to the tag of the primary window. You can choose whether the spawner opens up when the user enters the page (onLoad) or when the user exits the page (onUnload).

( ex. "openSpawner();self.blur()"> )

onUnload (when user EXITS the page):

Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

onLoad (when user ENTERS the page):

Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

Steps 3 is used to create the hidden popup page that controls all the action.

Step 3: Paste this entire code into a blank page and name it hidden_popup.htm. I could take time to explain the contents of the code below but the areas you need to edit are defined within. You will add the url's, specify the names of the popups, specify the height and width of the popups, specify the position the popup appears in, then you will specify the amount of delay between each of the popups. Insert the following code between the and tags in the hidden_popup.htm.

Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

If you need additional instructions, you can contact us for free support at our forum here. We will answer as any questions you may have. We can also install the script for you for a small fee.

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