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Window Move-To
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Use this code to automatically move a window to a specified X,Y coordinate. For example, you can automatically move a window to X0,Y0 (upper left). Great to use this in pages in your site you link to using target="_blank" (new window) or popup windows. You want them to open up to show more information but you want it placed out of the way.
Add the onLoad code to the BODY tag of the document you would like to relocate. Use the 'Grab Text' buttons to select the code within the adjacent textarea. Then use Control-C or Edit -> Copy to buffer the text for pasting into your document.


Note: The first 0 in (0,0) is for the X direction (from left margin) and the second 0 is for the Y direction (from the top). (10,20) will set the upper left corner of the window at X=10 and Y=20.

Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

If you need additional instructions, you can contact us for free support at our forum here. We will answer as any questions you may have. We can also install the script for you for a small fee.

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