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Automated DropDown Menu Wizard
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Use this Automated Wizard to create dropdown menus for your web site. Users can select a new location and immediately be redirected to that page. Fill out all the selections you wish to use. If you find you need more selections, tell us, we will add to the list.
Follow Step 1 and 2 below.
Use the 'Grab Text' buttons to select the code within the adjacent textarea. Then use Control-C or Edit -> Copy to buffer the text for pasting into your document.
Fill out the Dropdown Title field then fill out the Link Title and Link URL pairing for each selection item you would like to add. You do not need to fill out all 10 selection parings.
Dropdown Title: Shown at top of list.
Selection Number Link Title
Ex: Yahoo
Link URL
Ex: http://www.yahoo.com
Selection 1:
Selection 2:
Selection 3:
Selection 4:
Selection 5:
Selection 6:
Selection 7:
Selection 8:
Selection 9:
Selection 10:
Step 1: Put the following script in the head of your page.
Add this code between the HEAD tags in your HTML document.
Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.
Step 2: Put the following between the BODY tags of your document.
Add this code where you want the dropdown menu to appear in your HTML document.
Then use Control-C to copy the text into your web page.

If you need additional instructions, you can contact us for free support at our forum here. We will answer as any questions you may have. We can also install the script for you for a small fee.

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