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Detailed Product Information
Manufacturer: CGIScript.net
Manufacturer Part No: CS016
Part No: CS016
Price: $25.00
Additional Manufacturer Information

csSearchPro is a full featured website search engine that incorporates full indexing, search result pagination (number of search results visible per page), web-based configuration, and much more.

  • Include or Exclude different files based on their extension.
  • An easy to use web based management screen
  • Now with a fully automated installation feature!
  • We added full page indexing for faster searches. A must for large websites.
  • Can be installed on Unix based web servers as well as NT !
  • Improved ability to parse your web pages that contain server side includes.
  • Modify the font, color, and size of the text in the search results.
  • The ability to use a custom templates for displaying search results.
  • Create custom templates using your favorite editing software, add a simple code snippet and BAM, the search results will magically appear!
  • Add a search field to any or all pages in your website. Server Side Includes (SSI) are not required.
  • Using the new functionality we added to this script you can even have your affiliate sites remotely search your web site.
  • All of this and the excellent customer service you have come to expect from CGI Script.net for only 25 bucks!
  • Can't afford the 25 bucks at this point, try out the updated freeware version for a while. Upgrade at any time.

Refund Policy: Please take time and evaluate the scripts using our demos. Before you buy the script, read the 'requirements' written in each script listing. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the users lack of knowledge of the scripts functionality, restrictions, or restrictions. If you have a question, ask before making your purchase. Since the source code is shipped with each script, all sales are final.