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Detailed Product Information
Manufacturer: CGIScript.net
Manufacturer Part No: CS006
Part No: CS006
Price: $35.00
Additional Manufacturer Information

csFileshare™ is a web based system for sharing files.

  • Ability to set up multiple shared drives.
  • Ability to configure disk quotas on each shared drive.
  • Each drive can be configured to purge files after a specific
    number of days.
  • Ability to add multiple unique users or the entire system can be configured for anonymous access (no password).
  • Excellent for workgroups!
  • A must have for people who want to share files for business or between family and friends.

(note: the control panel on the demo version of this script has been disabled and the auto purge is set for 5 minutes)

Refund Policy: Please take time and evaluate the scripts using our demos. Before you buy the script, read the 'requirements' written in each script listing. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the users lack of knowledge of the scripts functionality, restrictions, or restrictions. If you have a question, ask before making your purchase. Since the source code is shipped with each script, all sales are final.