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Powerful PHP  ::  CGI Scripts

Here we list the handful of PHP scripts that we carry.

error-file:tidyout.log psGuest      $59     PLUG-IN
psGuest is an automated application that allows the user to manage one or more guestbooks from one location. You can add as many guestbooks as you would like. Many sites use a guestbook to get comments about their web site. This guestbook can double as a single thread forum as well.
error-file:tidyout.log psDynamic   $ 59     PLUG-IN
psDynamic is designed to rotate content through your site automatically - dynamically. Webmasters spend a lot of time updating content on their pages to make things look fresh and to keep information current. psDynamic allows you to do this automatically.
error-file:tidyout.log psLinks   $59     PLUG-IN
psLinks allows you to manage any link set with ease. Wherever you maintain one or more links can easily be automated using psLinks. For example, if you have a partner area to your website, like we do, it becomes very easy to add/modify/delete links on that page with ease.

error-file:tidyout.log psPopper   $59     PLUG-IN
psPopper is designed to help you control popup windows from 2 different viewpoints. First, you can manage all the popups themselves. Select them from any area of your server or specify any URL on the Internet or Intranet to open in the popup.

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