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Multiple Domain Licensing

A script can only be used on one domain, we offer multiple domain pricing (shown below). Corporate Level pricing is available email us for further details. We can setup your web hosting company with an automated installation of our scripts, your customers will love it!

We offer inexpensive, professional caliber CGI scripts to our customers. Each script is licensed to be used on one domain only. For example, www.cgiscript.net is allowed to use the script as many times as required within that domain. Sub-domain's such as subdomain.cgiscript.net require their own licenses. They are not considered the same domain.

We are often asked if the scripts can be used on any domain that a particular client owns, the answer is no. It can only be used on one domain without violating the license agreement. If you own 10 domains and you want to use the script on all 10 of them you need 10 different licenses.

These licenses can not be extended to domains you do not own. For example, you cannot extend the licenses to cover all your customers. Since you do not own their domain, they would need their own license. We have reseller pricing and an affiliate program that can be used for this purpose. The licenses are non-transferable.

Multiple Domain Pricing

Individual Scripts

Domains Price
 1 Price x  1
 2 -  5 Price x  2
 6 - 10 Price x  3
11 - 20 Price x  4
21 - 50 Price x  5
51 - 75 Price x 10
75 + email us

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