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csPublisher - Plug-In Page

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Description of csPublisher Plug-Ins
We have developed and are developing more powerful plug-ins for csPublisher that will make editing and maintaining your web pages very dynamic and easy!

Go HERE to get csPublisher and all the current plug-ins as a package and save a lot of money!

Even the best HTML Editor software on the market does not allow you to create calendars, polls, surveys, popup windows, or link lists and write the CGI interaction for you! No other software will allow you to add a fully functioning polls, surveys, calendars, or popup windows to your web site, including the CGI script that makes it function! We add more modules all the time. See the long list below for existing modules and modules we have in the works.

Try out the demo of csPublisher (link above) and use the plug-ins you select from a dropdown list (Misc. Functions):
Note: The plug-ins shown in csPublisher DEMO, in the MISC. FUNCTIONS dropdown menu, do not come with standard csPublisher purchase.

All this power simply a mouse click away!

If you are already familiar with our products then you have a good idea where we are heading. We are converting all of our scripts to work with csPublisher.

We will offer a discount on the script updates to customers who currently own various CGISCRIPT.NET applications.

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